About Me

I have designed and made bespoke kitchens and other furniture for over thirty years, working on other projects from housebuilding, to sculpting, to boatbuilding, alongside my work. For much of that time I had my own joinery in Devon, where we made our client's commissions. Ten years ago I changed direction and started to collaborate with, rather than employ, a select group of individuals. I design and project manage, dealing with clients and their builders, while another manufactures, and another installs on site, then there are others whose work we know, who might fit the worktops or paint the cupboards or design lighting, make bespoke tiles, do fine metalwork, engineering. All skilled people who take pride in their work.


I recently returned to London to live in a barge that I converted, near Tower Bridge. Drake is my home and her wheelhouse my office, and from there I work on projects in London and across the South of England.


If you look through the portfolio pages, you will see a diverse range of styles and projects in very different environments.

I listen and I look, to the client and at the space, trying to get an understanding of the client's wishes in terms of style and other preferences so that I can develop and draw up the  brief, making suggestions here and there based on my skills as a designer, with an understanding of space, detail, materials and a deep background of experience and practicality. The result of real collaboration with the client will always be something new, a truly bespoke installation for a unique environment and reflecting the personality of the owners


We still make beautifully crafted and detailed plain english joinery, and we even make it in a rural workshop tucked away in deepest Oxfordshire, but by experimenting with new materials and new techniques we can also create and re-invent joinery for the modern home. Wardobe doors with CNC cut patterns, based on digitally visualised classical music, using a metraila called Richlite an incredibly dense material which shows the detail beautifully.  Other recent innovations include brass or aluminium clad kitchen cabinets, while for yet another client we developed a kitchen with linoleum and brass trims on clean edge plywood doors, and for yet another we used bookmatched American Black Walnut veneer. The scope is almost endless, the results always exciting.


Please contact me on the number below, if you think we can help with your project, or by email on the contacts page.


Matthew King


Mob. 07765231258